Corporate Cup

Ready for the 2013 Earthquakes Corporate Cup? 

The Bay Area's finest are back for another Earthquakes Corporate Cup. You can bet that competition will be fierce when company teams compete for the titles in three divisions - Men's Open, Men's Corporate and Coed. 

Not to mention, past champions will be looking to defend their name. After winning both titles in 2011 and 2012, Men's Open team Fight the Flop will be looking for a third trophy to add to their case. 

Team captain Taylor Amarante says, "All footwork, no dramatics, the defending champions Fight the Flop win by playing the beautiful game the right way. Come and get us!" 

Another team, DZH Phillips, will be back to defend their 2012 title as well. Captain Kevin O'Connell remarks, "We may only have about 70 employees, but we love our soccer, and we’ve been training hard for weeks. After winning the men’s division with a female on our team last year, DZH Phillips is excited to have the opportunity to play for the coed division crown this year!” 

We'll see if hard training, hydrating and tryouts will give the teams what it takes to take home the gold on Saturday. 

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The official hashtag for the tournament will be #CorporateCup. Make sure to tag @sjearthquakes on Instagram and Twitter when using the hashtag for your photos to be shown on our website! 


Team Analysis
National Tire Warehouse

Don’t try to slash their tires, because they will slash you right back. These players are known for rolling over their opponents, so you better get out of their way. 

Mascot: Tamara the Tire 

Maxim Innovations

Webster’s dictionary defines “maxim” as a general rule or truth, and you better believe their competition will know them. It’s the truth that these guys came to win. 

Mascot: A pretty lady 


Some think these guys are too artsy to participate in a soccer match, but they are here to prove they have skills without a camera in front of them. 

Mascot: Shutter the Fly 


We hear they are bringing the big guns to this tournament. No really, they didn’t sell online so they are bringing them for the intimidation factor. 

Mascot: A 1920s Auctioneer 

Cosmopolitan Catering 

Don’t let the connotation of their high status name get in the way of how you think Cosmopolitan Catering will perform. They are quick and direct in the kitchen, so you better believe they will be the same on the field. 

Mascot: Cosmo the Cosmo 


GoPro is everywhere, it’s a fact. They see what you see and will use that to their advantage. 

Mascot: Felix Baumgartner 


Healthcare isn’t the only language they speak. Apparently, their cheer is out of this world. 

Mascot: Blake Shelton of the Voice 


Don’t let their slogan confuse you, they might set the benchmark in integration and modularity, but there are no benchwarmers on this squad. 

Mascot: Buzz Lightyear 


Shouldn't put these techies in a box, they know how to use space to their advantage. 

Mascot: Cardboard. Box

Bruce's Tire

They are not the only tire company in this tournament, so they are here to show how they roll. Like monster truck tires, they will crush anyone that gets in their way. 

Mascot: Bruce 


Don’t underestimate our Workday friends, rumor has it they use a digital time sheet to maximize productivity on the pitch. And it works. 

Mascot: Terry the Timesheet


Um, they already sent us a computer graphic of them winning…Driving Teslas. Enough said. 

Mascot: CPU

Barry Swenson Builders

Ditching the hard hats and sporting shin guards for this weekend. Known for their well-constructed set pieces and post-game pyramids.

Mascot: Barry the Builder 


No need to review game tapes for these guys, they have all that stored. They will know their opponents inside and out, with record speed. 

Mascot: Flash the Flashdrive 

XL Construction

Where size doesn’t matter, they XL in the office and on the field. 

Mascot: Lebron James 

Fox Racing

These are the ones to look out for this year. Having offices in Barcelona, they have recruited the highest talent from Barca's Academy program. They are racing to finish first. 

Mascot: Fancy Fox 

Bloom Energy 

They don’t need a halftime because they have energy for days. They power through the toughest opponents and produce sustainable results.  

Mascot: Beyonce the late-bloomer 

DZH Phillips

Reigning champs from last year. Need we say more?

Mascot: They don't need one

People's Associates

They have been drawing out their team for the past 264 days constructing the most efficient squad. They have recruited the best engineering squad to hold up their name.  

Mascot: Penelope the Protractor 


If there has been a soccer textbook written, they have studied it from cover to cover. Some may say they are the book nerds of the game, but watch out because they have been seen out on the field for weeks now training.   

Mascot: Tony the Textbook


We hear they maybe in cohorts with another team, cough Visa, because of their business but they want to world to know they can stand on their own in this tournament. Don’t let their name fool you, they don’t just stick to square plays, they are all over the field.  

Mascot: Randy the Right-Angle 


They are everywhere you DON’T want them to be. Known internationally, watch out for them swiping you out of the way!

Mascot: Visa Red Card 

The Brit

A front-runner in this year's tournament, these guys aren't only good at drinking to win. They've scouted from across the pond to bring mad game this year. 

Mascot: The Royal Baby 

Fight the Flop

No flopping allowed. Period. 

Mascot: No Diving Allowed sign


Don't let their harmonious name fool you - these guys mean business. A top champion in past men's leagues, Harmonie is sure to be hitting all the right notes on Saturday. 

Mascot: Penny the Piano 

DV8 Elite 

This team deviates from the norm, and it pays off. Their unique strategy will give them the edge against their elite competition. 

Mascot: Vanity License Plate D V 8