Community Fund Donations

Thank you for your interest in donating to the San Jose Earthquakes Community Fund. The San Jose Earthquakes Community Fund facilitates and supports programs that produce positive change for children and families in our community with an emphasis in health and fitness. Last season the team partnered with different organizations to donate over 5,000 tickets to children that otherwise would not have a chance to see a live soccer game.   
Fundraising has also allowed us to start programs like Get Earthquakes Fit– a five-week fitness program for third and fourth grade students that promotes physical activity in the classroom and at home. 
We understand that there are many deserving non-profit organizations that need support and we thank you for trusting the San Jose Earthquakes Community Fund. 
Once you have decided your donation amount please log in to your account manager if you are a Season Ticket Holder. If you are not a season ticket holder, please create an account.