Earthquakes Staff and Front Office


Lew Wolff Owner
Keith Wolff Managing Partner
Michael Crowley Managing Director
Dave Kaval President



Chris Leitch Interim General Manager of Soccer Operations
Dominic Kinnear Head Coach
Tim Hanley Assistant Coach
Steve Ralston Assistant Coach
Ian Russell Assistant Coach
Vassili Cremanzidis Analyst, Scouting & Performance
Fred Wilson General Manager, Academy
Ron Shinault Head Athletic Trainer
Baker Cronin Assistant, Athletic Trainer
Sean Mearns Team Administrator
Jackson Ray Assistant, Team Administrator
Greg Tella Strength and Conditioning Coach
Derek Lawrance Assistant Athletic Trainer
Andy Dunbar Manager, Equipment
Eric Weber Assistant Equipment Manager
Michael Furlong, MD Team Physician
William Maloney, MD Team Physician
Gordon Matheson, MD Team Physician
Kenneth Hunt, MD Team Physician
Zackary Vaughn, MD Team Physician
Jeff Blue, MD

Team Physician

Kevin Hashemi, DDS

Team Physician

Randy Waltz

Team Physical Therapist

Dr. Andrew Chevalier


Christy Evans

Yoga Instructor

Alex Saunders

Manager, Youth Programs


Business Operations

Senior Management  
Richard Fedesco Vice President, Business Operations & Analytics
Jed Mettee Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Jared Shawlee Vice President, Sales & Strategy
Business Intelligence  
Andrew Eiden Analyst, Business Intelligence
Corporate Partnership  
Rob Bardin Director, Business Development
Anu Johl Singh Director, Partnership Marketing
Kristina Wavomba Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships
Dianne Antonopoulos Coordinator, Partnership Marketing
Kathryn Soltero Coordinator, Partnership Marketing
Anthony Gooch Coordinator, Partnership Marketing
Fan Relations  
Heather Barone Director, Fan Relations
Eric Hanninen Manager, Supporters Relations
Aaron Shapiro Fan Services Lead
Alyssa Wong Manager, Premium Seating Relations
Danny Rebholtz Fan Relations Specialist
Ricky Dorrego Fan Relations Specialist
Darren Lee Fan Relations Specialist
Andrew Schleicher Fan Relations Specialist
Finance & Administration  
Jess Olivares Director, Finance & Administration
Peggy O'Halloran Coordinator, Human Resources & Payroll
Victoria Ortiz Staff Accountant
Morgan Brink Accounting Manager
Byron Ruiz Accounts Payable Specialist
Brent Young Jr. Accountant
Miguel Duarte Executive Assistant
Luisa Avila Assistant, Front Office & Events
Marketing & Communications  
Amanda Farina Director, Marketing
Brett Fischer Director, Merchandise Operations
Marissa Silver Manager, Community Relations
Chris MacDougall Manager, Creative Services
Sarah Fraser Coordinator, Marketing
Paul Dewhurst Digital Marketing Strategist
Sam Benavidez Coordinator, Digital Marketing
Jake Pisani Manager, Media Relations
Charlotte Muscroft Coordinator, Media Relations
Samantha Sirico Coordinator, Creative Services
Brett Pennington Coordinator, Merchandise Operations
Robert Davis II Director, Ticket Sales
Ted Firestone Sr. Manager, Season Ticket Sales
Chris Futch Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales
Melissa Moberg Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales
Guillermo Morales Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales
Aaron McMillan Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales
Taylor Amarante Manager, Group Sales
Anthony Perry Sr. Account Executive, Group Sales
Francis Lopez Account Executive, Group Sales
Mark Raney Account Executive, Group Sales
Ryan Trujillo Account Executive, Group Sales
Jeff Sinclair Manager, Inside Sales
Berlyn Rippentrop Account Executive, Group Sales
Matt Hanson Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales
Colby Thompson Inside Sales Representative
A.J. Lambert Inside Sales Representative
Jordan Neves Inside Sales Representative
Trevor Osburn Inside Sales Representative
Jeff McEntee Inside Sales Representative
Stadium Operations  
Dave Hoskin Sr. Director, Operations
Chris Gennuso Director, Event Operations
Raul A. Bueno Sr. Manager, Facility Operations
Luke De Vogelaere Manager, Event Operations
Jordan Green Coordinator, Event Operations
Ryan Morfin Coordinator, Event Operations
Ticket Operations  
Jacob Thompson Director, Ticket Operations
Adam McFarlin Manager, Ticket Operations
Levi Leffler Assistant, Ticket Operations