Get Earthquakes Fit


The San Jose Earthquakes have teamed up with Santa Clara County Office of Education to implement the Get Earthquakes Fit program again for the 2015 season. Get Earthquakes Fit is a fun, five-week program designed to increase physical activity in the classroom and at home. This year, 10 local schools will be incorporating this program in their 3rd and 4th grade curriculum.

The Get Earthquakes Fit program requires students to engage in 20 minutes of physical activity each day. Each week a teacher will play a video featuring Earthquakes players designed to show the students some of the exercises in the program to further engage them by providing a visual aid of the exercises. Then, at the end of the program, an Earthquakes player will make an appearance to congratulate the students on living a more active lifestyle.  Students are encouraged to continue playing Get Earthquakes Fit games at home with their families.
To find out more about the Get Earthquakes Fit program, or to nominate your school, please contact:

Lack of physical activity is contributing to higher rates of childhood obesity, which increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems. By enjoying physical activities together with your children, you'll encourage them to develop a lifelong healthy habit.

Start being active:

Children are encouraged to play actively for at least 60 minutes each day. The Get Earthquakes Fit program helps students reach this goal by participating in 20 minutes of physical activity during class time.  Parents are encouraged to continue playing these games at home. 

Parents can promote a healthy lifestyle by:

  • Being a role model. Go on hikes or long walks, ride bikes, play sports, or engage in any kind of physical activity with them.
  • Limiting sedentary activities such as watching TV and playing computer and video games to one hour a day.
  • Offering them water when they're thirsty. Cut down on sodas, juice and other sweet drinks to no more than one can or cup a day.

More Healthy Tips:

  • Instead of watching TV on rainy days, try the hula hoop or jump rope
  • Instead of calling friends on the phone, try going on a walk with a friend to catch up
  • Instead of eating cookies, try eating graham crackers
  • Instead of drinking whole milk, try low-fat or skim milk
  • Instead of eating French fries, try eating baked chips
  • Instead of eating white bread, try eating whole wheat bread
  • Instead of taking the elevator, try taking the stairs
  • Instead of driving to school, try walking or biking to school