Earthquakes Supporters Clubs

San Jose Ultras

The San Jose Ultras are hardcore supporters of the Earthquakes. Their goal is to bring the passion of the world's greatest clubs and fans to Avaya Stadium. The group can be seen standing, singing, and drumming in Sections 117 and 118 at every game.

Supporters Terrace

Located directly behind the goal at the south side of Avaya Stadium, the Supporters Terrace holds some of the most passionate supporters clubs in MLS. With a focus on visual displays and vocal unity, the standing-room only section gives supporters clubs the ultimate in-game experience just inches away from the pitch.


The Casbah is the traditional supporters' group of the San Jose Earthquakes dating back to the inception of the MLS franchise in 1996. From their north endzone habitat, Casbah denizens enjoy themselves immensely while providing terrific atmosphere for the entire stadium through their songs, chants, cheers and drumbeats. Everyone is welcome, provided you are willing to stand and give your full voice for the Quakes! More »

 The Faultline

The Faultline is a new supporters group whose mission is to support the San Jose Earthquakes as a united group with devotion, passion, and respect, regardless of the on-field result. We sing and chant for all 90 minutes. We are located in the Supporters Terrace.  More »

 El Imperio Sismico

This is the first Latino support group to have a voice and scream together "Vamos Teremotos!" (Go Quakes!) The passion of Futbol runs in our blood and we happen to have the best futbol team in the world. It's a privilege to have the opportunity to create an environment from our distinctive Latino countries and bring it to the San Jose Earthquakes games, tailgates and events.
 Club Quake

Founded in 1997, Club Quake supports the Earthquakes on and off the field. Club Quake members can always be found tailgating before the games and seated all over the stadium helping make opposing teams feel unwelcome on "our" field. Our community involvement helps to raise awareness of the Earthquakes in such event as the "Light the Night Walk." Membership is open to anyone whether you are a hard core soccer fanatic or just enjoy a family outing to watch the best team in MLS. We look forward to having you join us. 

 Soccer Silicon Valley

Soccer Silicon Valley is a grassroots organization dedicated to making a permanent home for soccer in the Bay Area. The group has also launched a charitable non-profit corporation, the Soccer Silicon Valley Community Foundation, which is dedicated to bringing the joy of the Beautiful Game to all, regardless of financial means. 

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