Earthquakes Twitter Hunt

Stay tuned for the next Quakes Twitter Hunt! 

Want to win some amazing prizes from the San Jose Earthquakes? Well, here’s your chance. Welcome to the QUAKES TWITTER HUNT! During the season, we’re going to hide awesome prizes at different locations throughout the Bay Area for you to find. Follow @SJEarthquakes on Twitter to keep an eye out for hunts and hints!

How this is going to work:

The steps are simple.

Follow @SJEarthquakes on Twitter and look out for clues marked by the hashtag #QuakesHunt. Over the course of 3 hours on the designated day, clues will be tweeted every 30 minutes leading you to the ultimate prize. Decipher each clue to bring yourself closer to the final destination where our Shakers will be waiting with your prize. There’s only one winner so make sure you’re the first person to crack the code!

Click to read the official rule and guidelines