Step Into the Ring with Brad

Brad Ring talks about soccer, concerts and celebrity crushes

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Brad Ring made his Major League Soccer debut on Saturday in a 3-2 loss against Chivas USA. The central midfielder subbed on in the 71st minute, his first time on the pitch in a regular-season match after being selected in the second round of the 2009 SuperDraft. Ring sat out his first season with a hip injury, but has finally found himself fit for competition.

San Jose Earthquakes: Brad, you made your MLS debut this past Saturday. How did it
feel to finally get out there after all of the injury trouble you had in 2009?
It felt good to be out there with the team and obviously I wish it came
in a win, but it’s one step at a time for me and I hope my next playing time
comes in a win.
SJE: How would
you assess your first performance?
BR: I’d say I
did OK. It was kind of a difficult situation to go into being down and there
wasn’t a ton of possession on our end. I think I did OK, and hopefully I can
just build on this for the future.

SJE: What have
you guys been doing to bounce back this week at home against Colorado?
BR: Mainly
trying to keep the intensity up at practice. The coaching staff did a good job
in keeping competition up. Sometimes you can take things from a loss and learn
from them, and I think the Chivas USA game is one of those. We’re just looking
forward to getting back on the field against Colorado on Saturday.

SJE: Did you
have a chance to watch the Champions League semi-final today (Barca-Inter) and
what did you think?
BR: It was
pretty intense. Barca had possession the whole time in the last 25 minutes or
so. I really thought they were going to get one more. The match was
entertaining and it went down to the wire.

SJE: What is
your favorite thing to do in the SJ/Santa Clara area and why?

BR: Going down
to Santana Row and eating lunch. There are always a lot of people walking
around in the area. My favorite place to eat is Pluto’s, but I am still looking
around for some more good spots.

SJE: How much
different is San Jose from your hometown?

BR: It’s very
different. I am from Rockford, Illinois, which definitely has a smaller feel
than this. The weather is so much nicer here. San Jose is a bigger city with a
lot more to do and I’m way closer to beaches. Overall, it just has a bigger
city feel.

SJE: Being from
the Chicago area, I know you are a big Chicago Bulls fan. They were eliminated
last night, what do you think they should do in the offseason with that cap

BR: I think we
need to bring in a low-post player who has some presence like a Chris Bosh. I
wouldn’t argue with Dwyane Wade, but I think the biggest need is down low.

SJE: If you
could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

BR: Steak

SJE: What is the
one band or performing artist that you would like to see in concert while in
their prime? (dead or alive)

BR: I have
actually never been to a concert before in my life, but if I had to choose one
I would want to see, I would have to say the Beatles. It would be great to see
them in their prime. They’re such an iconic group.

SJE: What is the
one song on loop on your IPOD right now?

BR: Mike Posner
– “Speed of Sound”, but my favorite artist is Napalm.

SJE: Three
celebrity crushes.

BR: Jessica
Alba, Jennifer Anniston, Megan Fox.

SJE: What are
your hobbies besides soccer?

BR: I like to learn and teach myself new things. I’m in the process of
trying to learn sign language. After that, I need and want to brush up on my
Spanish. I took four years of Spanish in high school and I want to pick it up