Poll: Quakes designated player info

Fans voted for a hint and came up with one of the player's former teams: Benfica

Mystery DP Signing 1

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San Jose Earthquakes

And the survey says...Benfica! More to come on Monday.

Are the Quakes trying to sign Alessandro Del Piero? Maybe Riquelme? Lionel Messi?

Vote now and we'll Tweet a hint about the potential signing at 9 p.m. PT. The result with the most votes will be revealed tonight.

Are the Quakes looking to pick up a big-time goal scorer? A No. 10? A stalwart defender? Do you have a better chance of decoding the mystery by knowing one of the player's former teams or leagues?

One thing is certain: Quakes fans will have more to talk about at 9 p.m. PT. Vote now!

Note: Fans can vote once per hour