Bay Area Self Storage Q&A: Steven Beitashour

What item doesn't Steven Beitashour have room for, but can't live without? His road bike

This year, the San Jose Earthquakes have partnered with Bay Area Self Storage to ask players one question: What item don't they have room for, but can't live without? sat down with defender Steven Beitashour to talk about his item of choice: his road bike. Have you ever raced before?
Steven Beitashour: No, but it has been something I’ve thought about. After my soccer days are over, then maybe.

SJEQ: When did you get your first road bike?
SB: About two years ago.

SJEQ: How did you get interested in road biking?
SB: One of my friends I grew up with, her dad is a retired police officer. He asked me to join him one day and I couldn’t say no. 

SJEQ: How often do you ride?
SB: Mostly in the offseason, just because of time constraints.

SJEQ: Have you ever crashed your road bike?
SB: No, thankfully. I’ve been really lucky, but you always have to pay attention.

SJEQ: Do you have a preferred place or route you like to ride?
SB: I like to go all around Almaden Valley, and sometimes over by Calero Reservoir.

SJEQ: What’s your dream spot to ride?
SB: I think France would be a once in a lifetime experience, especially biking parts of the Tour de France.

SJEQ: Are you a fan of spandex?
SB: [Laughs] Yeah, I guess so. Not the biggest fan, but you get used to it.

SJEQ: Would you prefer soccer uniforms or spandex?
SB: Definitely soccer uniforms. They’re much more roomy.

SJEQ: What’s the furthest distance you’ve ever biked in one outing?
SB: About 45 miles at once.

SJEQ: Is there anyone on the Earthquakes that can beat you in a road bike race?
SB: Maybe Lenny, I know he rides as well. Not sure if he could beat me distance-wise, though.