You’re automatically opted in for anything special we have going on for Season Pass Holders as we roll into the 2018 Season!  We will run the card on file and you will be opted into the 5 month payment unless you tell us otherwise before July 7! 

  • Make sure your information is current so you can take advantage of the perks of being on Auto Renewal! 
  • Contact your Fan Relations Specialist if you would like details of last year’s payment details.

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What is Auto Renewal?

  • As a tenured Season Pass Holder you have the flexibility to opt out of Auto Renewal if you would like. 
  • You are automatically signed up for Auto Renewal if you purchased new Season Passes for the 2017 Season
  • You are signed up for Auto Renewal unless you called your Fan Relations Specialist to opt out last summer.
  • When you make the first payment for the 2018 Season, you are opting in to be auto renewed for 2018 and future seasons.

Can I extend my Season Passes into 2018 and not be on the Auto Renewal?

  • As a tenured season pass holder, opting out of Auto Renewal is an option.  If you would like to opt out of auto renewal you will just need to call your Fan Relations Specialist.  


Can I change my payment plan for future seasons?

  • Yes, you will just need to contact your Fan Relations Specialist by July 7.
  • If you do not wish to renew your season passes, please reach out to your Fan Relations Specialist.