Ticketing & Seating

How can I claim tickets for home games?
Capacity for the first two home games will be limited to 20%. Tickets to the first two home games will be available on a first-come, first-served basis with Season Ticket Holders having priority access to tickets. During the Season Ticket Holder window, which will be communicated through email and by Account Services representatives, a Season Ticket Holder will be able to log into his/her account manager and select seats in pod seating for family members and/or with trusted acquaintances. Season Ticket Holders that are unable to secure tickets during the initial on-sale will have priority access to the allocation of tickets for the next three home games. 

How much time do season ticket holders have to decide if they want to come out to a game?
Tickets for the first games back will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, with Season Ticket Holders receiving priority access. The window for Season Ticket Holders to purchase will be open for three days, however, tickets are likely to sell out. 

How can I get a seat close to my friends/family?
During the Season Ticket Holder purchase window, we recommend coordinating with other Season Ticket Holders you wish to sit near when selecting seats. 

How many seats are in a pod?
Pods will be set up between one and six seats, with six-foot distance between pods. 

How do I access my tickets?
Tickets will be available on the PayPal Park App. All events will be mobile only for a contactless experience. 

How will general admission work?
General admission is not currently available. Until local guidance allows, all fans will be in assigned seats in pods. 

What will happen to my season tickets if I don’t feel comfortable coming out to a game?
Credit will remain in your account until you feel comfortable returning. 

Can I sit with other Season Ticket Holders in my pod?
You can sit with trusted acquaintances if you purchase under one account. Pods are limited to three households and you must remain in your assigned seat during the event. 

How many tickets can Season Ticket Holders claim?
Season Ticket Holders can claim up to eight tickets, however are pods limited to six people. 

Can season ticket holders travel for away matches?
Each team is currently basing their attendance on state and local laws. Please check with your Account Service representative for more information on any games you wish to travel to.

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Ticketing & Seating

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