Name In Lights

Welcome or wish that special someone Happy Birthday or Anniversary in a unique way... Let them see their "Name in Lights!"

The San Jose Earthquakes charitable foundation will display your message for a $100 donation to the Quakes Foundation.


  • Complete the request form below, including your payment information at least 7 business days prior to the specified game
  • Your message must be 30 characters or less including spaces and punctuation. 
  • Messages cannot advertise a product, service or business.
  • We will only process requests once full payment has been received. You will then receive a confirmation message
  • The San Jose Earthquakes maintain complete editorial control over the content of all messages and reserve the right to refuse any request
  • Please submit all requests at least 7 days before the game you wish to see your "Name in Lights"
  • Make sure you fill out the "Name in Lights" Request Form. Checks can be made out to the Quakes Foundation and mailed to Avaya Stadium