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Social Footballer: The New Galácticos

First, I want to discuss the submissions that I’ve received in response to last week’s call to collectively brainstorm some songs that the fans can all sing together at Earthquakes matches. There were some great ideas and I’m ready to take this thing to a whole new level.

I want folks to record themselves singing these chants on video and we will have the San Jose soccer community vote on which song should become the official Quakes Anthem. Just hit record, upload your video to YouTube or submit it on and send me the link, then we will take care of the rest.

OK, now to the matter at hand: The New Galácticos. For obvious reasons, I decided to write this post right before we take on the New York Red Bulls. With their acquisition of Dwayne De Rosario to bolster a lineup that already boasts Thierry Henry and Rafa Márquez, they have a ton of money on the field. I am not saying that they are an American incarnation of Chelsea or Real Madrid, but in terms of MLS, they are definitely heading that way. The question that I pose to our fans is whether or not this is a recipe for success?

Personally, I think that MLS is not a league where star power translates into victories. To date, no team with a Designated Player has won an MLS Cup. History has shown that teams with a “Blue Collar” work ethic that lack a specified star and have a core of players who all share the same values have proven most successful. It’s not that I believe a team with a DP will never be successful, but said DP must buy into the personality of the team and not vice versa.

Lets take the Quakes of 2001 and 2003. Those teams were full of players that no one had heard of. Yes, I realize that Landon Donovan was on the team, but that was right after he had returned from Germany and everyone had written him off. That team had a bunch of hard workers who all knew their role and wanted to win for each other. 

The 2001 and 2003 Quakes didn’t have any stars, but from that team stars were made. Guys like Landon Donovan, Brian Ching, Brian Mullan, Richard Mulrooney and many others had their beginnings in San Jose. These players transformed into stars during their time with the team.

Also worth noting is that players who joined that team had to fit into that the club’s mentality. Take Ricardo Clark, Brad Davis and Ryan Cochrane. All of these players had a team mentality infused into their brains and have been successful since moving on because of the work ethic and leadership that they assimilated in those years.

That’s enough from me. What do the readers think about this topic? Which team would you rather have: Galácticos or Blue Collar Boys?


A new addition to this blog, let's take a look at the top Tweets by San Jose Earthquakes players:

  • @J_Hernandez_21 (Jason Hernandez): SFO -> EWR.. Looking forward to my time back in ny/nj! Can't wait for every driver to honk their horns and tailgate like nascar. Lets do it (Don't forget to hit the Jersey Shores, kid.)
  • @AnthonyAmpai (Anthony Ampaipitakwong): @ChrisWondo you better watch your golden boot!! (Rookie getting in on the locker room prank war. Well done, young Ampai.)
  • @bobbyburling (Bobby Burling): "@AnthonyAmpai: @ChrisWondo you better watch ur golden boot!!" Dude that's like holdin the stanley cup your not worthy! (No love for the rookie. Love it.)

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