Quote Sheet: Quakes react to tough Portland defeat


On what was different for the Earthquakes in the second half:
“I thought we played good in the second half too. Just gave up some goals. The first goal was, we lost a couple challenges that were important challenges and they broke through and scored. I mean, I thought [Fanendo] Adi’s insertion into the game was really beneficial for them, even though it came off an injury. So he came in and made them a little more dangerous. Still thought we played well. Down at the end there [Jake] Gleeson makes a couple real good saves and it could be 2-2. And then they go down the field and score. We’re throwing everything forward. We played some real good stuff in the first half. Great possession, great movement, some good looks at goal. Would have been nice if they’d gone in with a little bit of a lead. Think we probably deserved that, but sometimes you don’t always get what you deserve. Like I said, they were a bit more aggressive in the second half and we lost a couple challenges, led to a goal and then we’re chasing the game.”
On changes to the Earthquakes starting lineup:
“Well we had three games in a week with travel. Just giving guys some rest. We have a good squad I think. Guys can play. I thought they did fine. It all depends on how it helps the squad. You can only rotate if your group is healthy. I’m sure Caleb [Porter] would agree with me on that. We all face our injury problems and we have that as well. I wouldn’t rotate the squad if I didn’t think the players were good enough and I think the players have shown enough to me over the course of the season to deserve to play and that’s the reason we rotate. We try to keep guys fresh. We’re seven games in and for me to get greedy and to put guys in the way of getting injured for the long-term is a bit silly. Knowing I can [rotate] and the standard doesn’t drop all that much, if it drops at all, is a comfort.”
On whether he’s disappointed with the result:
 “Anytime we lose, I’m disappointed. Doesn’t matter. Gleeson comes in and he plays great so congratulations to him. Adi comes in for Darren Mattocks and he does pretty good too. We were preparing for Darren Mattocks or Adi tonight. We had a feeling one of the two was going to start, or both. Yeah, I’m disappointed. I thought we played pretty good. First half we looked really good. Our movement was good. Like I said, I’d have loved to be in with a little bit of a lead. I think we played well enough to get a lead. Didn’t really have any clear-cut chances, but we had a couple good looks.”


On the match:
“I think overall we’re really happy with how we played, especially that first half. We just played really well. It was unfortunate not to finish the goals and we got punished for it. I think we still fought hard there at the end and had a chance to get a point out of it.”
On the team’s reaction when Portland took the lead:
“When they go up 1-0, it’s a little frustrating because we’d been playing well. Then they go up two and it’s really frustrating for us, but we’re a team that never really gives up and I think we showed that. We got a goal back when [Chris Wondolowski] scored a penalty kick and then had lots of chances to tie it up.”
On the team’s mentality after Wondolowski scored to pull San Jose within one goal:
“To be honest, when Wondo scored the penalty kick I thought for sure we’re going to get a point out of the game. I thought we were going to score that second goal and tie it up. We were just so close on so many crosses. Then they counter attacked and got a third on us. I love the spirit and fight of the team.”
On the attitudes between the two teams in a hard-fought game:
“I think we enjoy coming to Portland to play. We like the atmosphere. It’s just a game we look forward to. We’ve always played them well and it’s always been a hard-fought game. It’s just fun soccer.”


On the match:
“I think that we played well, but we made some mistakes that cost the game. We need to move on now. We need to think of rest for a few days after a tough week and move on and look at the next game at home against a difficult team like Sporting Kansas City.”
On the team’s reaction to going 1-0 down, then 2-0:
“As I said, we made one mistake on the first goal. After that, they started to play better. They started to get the ball and move us. It was a little bit hard, but we came back to the game after our penalty. We were so close to tying the game. As I said, we need to move on and think of the next game.”
On if he believed the team could score a second to tie the game after Wondolowski’s penalty:
“Yes. I think we could collect points here. We need to give credit to the Timbers. They are a very good team. As I said, after the first goal they started to play better. We need to move on. We are a good team. We collect good points at home and we have the next game at home. We need to win that game.”

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