WATCH: Quakes train on the beach in Cancun, Mexico

Over the first couple days in Cancún, each of the four training sessions were very similar. Lots of running and lots of stretching, and an emphasis on fundamentals with the ball. However, Day 4 (Sunday) and Day 5 (Monday) have seen vastly different training methods.

Sunday’s morning session saw the field players and the goalkeepers take different paths. The field players jogged roughly a mile to the gym with head coach Matias Almeyda, assistant coaches Benjamin Galindo and Omar Zarif, strength and conditioning coaches Guido Bonini and Daniel Hicker, and the team’s training staff. Bonini led the players through a series of workouts that included squats, pull-ups, agility ladders, 30-second sprints, dumbbell presses, and more.

Upon finishing, the players and staff walked over to the nearby beach to meet up with the goalkeepers, who had just spent the morning with their own tiring workout in the sand. Every player was then asked to run 75-meter striders under the hot sun, with their reward being a snack and an opportunity to jump into the water.

Later that evening, the team returned to the training field where they spent time working on passing precision and fluidity. Almeyda was clocking the amount of time it took for the players to complete a particular set of passes to get the ball from one side of the field to the other and back again. The tropical weather made this drill especially difficult as much of the field was under an inch of water.


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