EN ESPAÑOL: Cristian Espinoza habla después del partido contra LAFC


On the team’s gameplay:

“We realized that playing this way we have more possibilities and we can get closer to our objectives and we already know what not to do which was the 5-0 loss we suffered at home and the four matches we played before that as well. I think today we played great. Sadly, this is soccer and the team that plays the best doesn’t always win.”

On playing regularly:

“Above all I am very happy because, as you said, the last few years it was a bit complicated since I was playing regularly, today I’m happy that I am, I am able to play every weekend. This is what I train for everyday and I always try to be at my best on matchday.”

On the team’s overall improvement:

“I think the whole team realized what we needed to change the rhythm of the first five matches we played. We had five very tough losses and we knew we had to change our image completely. After receiving so many negative results the team began to find their rhythm, we started to understand what the coaching staff and Matias [Almeyda} wanted for the team. That gave us a lot of confidence, and even more confidence once the positive results started to come.”

On how he felt after the match:

“Nobody likes to lose, especially the way we lost today. Like I said we were the team that kept on pushing and kept moving ahead, but sadly this is soccer and the best team doesn’t always win.”


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