EN ESPAÑOL: Matias Almeyda habla después del partido contra LAFC


On the match:

"I thought it was one of the most unjust results for various reasons. First because our team played very well against a team that has a budget three times more than ours. We played good soccer, we pressured a team that is the best in the league. After we were up 1-0, there was a play on [Cristian] Espinoza, I'm not sure if it was a penalty or not, things could have changed. Painful is something else, I’m proud of the players I coach and how they played. Honestly today they played excellent soccer despite the result obviously.”

On the team’s gameplay:

“There are always things to work on. I think our team has changed a lot luckily. We have a competitive team, a team that is even against any opponent. Today we faced a great opponent with great players, soccer stars, and we matched them. We see our hard work on the field. We would have liked to go on to the next round and I think we created enough chances to be able to score and make a difference.”

On how the team is improving:

“I accepted this challenge with the current group of players, I’m proud of them. I like training them and I like how we are getting better and surely the club will keep trying to find ways to reinforce the squad. Today we had two youth players on the bench and those are the players that we have and we are proud of them and we will keep giving them confidence.”

On matching up against LAFC:

“If we talked before the match about who would win, we would the say the team that ended up winning. Nobody was going to bet on us, but this is soccer and the entertainment that is being created in this league. That is why you protect players against rivals and the stars.”

On Carlos Fierro:

“I think it’s a possibility, hopefully it can happen. He’s a player that I know really well. Before anything he’s a great professional and teammate. He also has characteristics that are familiar with our style of play. He can fit into many different positions on the field, I even put him as a right back. He’s a multi-functional player, he can play in various positions.”

On the match against Dynamo:

“We need to keep doing what we’ve been working on. Playing like we played today, surely, we will have more positive nights than not. Today the team played great. Those who honestly analyze soccer will realize that we were a team that took risks, that competed evenly with their rival and at times surpassed them. We made clear chances by playing collectively and not solely on individuals, that’s soccer.”


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