WATCH: Magnus talks to the media following #MINvSJ


On the game overall:

"Nothing to be ashamed of. We controlled the whole second half and we are proud of the way we executed this game, but of course we wanted three points and we didn't succeed with that, but otherwise we were happy with the performance."

On the atmosphere in the stadium: 
"It's going to be like that on the road. They have their home fans in the stands, that's normal. We try to do everything we can to win the game, but as I said we have nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to how we executed the game. We wanted three points."

On your preparation moving forward: 
"We are working hard every week. The way we are playing at the moment we are causing a lot of problems for our opponents. We feel confident in the way we play and hopefully we can bounce back and take three points on Saturday."


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