EN ESPAÑOL: Matias Almeyda habla de la preparación para #LAvSJ


On the players available for Saturday’s match against the LA Galaxy:

“The team is complete, everyone is training. We are happy that the team is reunited after Nick [Lima] and Harold’s[Cummings] arrival, they were the only players missing. We incorporated youth players into our training sessions so in that sense we have been complete as a group, and everyone is fit.”

On his impressions from his first match against the LA Galaxy:

“It was an even match. We were able to make a difference by scoring goals, but I didn’t stop to think which team was better or worse. I won’t think about that either in the match we have coming up. It’s just another game. For many people, it’s considered a Clasico. We’ll go over as the visiting team and we’ll try to play a good game by respecting the opponent. I’ve known Guillermo [Barros Schelotto] and Gustavo [Barros Schelotto] my whole life. I have great appreciation for them. They are great coaches and people. They have an excellent group of players, so it will be another difficult match for us.”

On aiming for playoffs or focusing on the next match:

“Our focus needs to be one game at a time. Our project is long term, four years if God allows it. In those four years, we have to make this team really competitive. That is happening right now, but the priority is that everyone on the team knows what they play for. Qualifying for playoffs is obviously something extremely important, considering the start of this season and the year before, but that’s not my priority. The priority is to form a bond among the players, among the staff, and to strive for a future in which this club is attractive to players in search of happiness.”


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