WATCH: Tommy Thompson talks about rivalry prior to #LAvSJ


On the Galaxy believing they were the better team at Stanford:

“That’s what I love about sport, it’s that there’s always a scoreboard. After the game, it said 3-0. They can say whatever they want to say, we can say whatever we want to say but at the end of the day, the score was what it was. I’m really happy with how we played and how we went about that game, and I’m excited for another battle on Friday.”

On how San Jose stacks up in comparison to the LA Galaxy:

“They’re a great team, they have very talented players, but we’re very confident in our side as well. I think we’ve been growing a lot, especially over the past couple of weeks. It feels as if every game we’re better so I’m excited to continue to grow, and to continue to fight. I think it’s going to be intense, but these are the game you want to play in. You want that emotion; you want that pressure. We beat them [at Stanford], and now it’s time to take on another challenge because we’ll be playing them at their home stadium.”

On playing alongside Cristian Espinoza:

“For me, Cristian’s up there with the best. I think what he’s done has been fun to watch. It’s impressive that despite not being able to speak English fluently, he’s come into this locker room and gotten acclimated so quickly. He gets along great with the guys, he gets along great with the coaches, so it’s a testament to his character. He’s one of the players to look for in the future because he’s got special characteristics and I feel fortunate to be able to play with him.”


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