Recycle Right: Presented by City of San Jose Environmental Services

Weekly Recycling Fact: Week 2


Food and liquid can soil paper, cardboard, plastic and other items, making them unrecyclable. Let’s Recycle Right! No Food. No Liquid. No Problem.  For more Recycle Right tips, visit


Pizza box – TRASH

Pizza boxes are soiled with fats, oils, and grease…making it unrecyclable.

Nacho tray (plastic) – TRASH

A “clean” plastic tray is recyclable, but if it has food/cheese on it is trash.

Water bottle – RECYCLE

Water bottles must be empty to recycle.

Napkins – TRASH

Always trash, regardless if it’s used or not.

Plastic Utensils – TRASH

Plastic utensils are allways trash. It doesn’t matter if it’s clean or not.

Beer cup (plastic) - RECYCLE

Plastic beer cups must be empty to recycle. 

Sandwich platter (paper) – TRASH

Hot dog holder (paper) – TRASH