Digital Ticketing & Parking at Avaya Stadium

Why go digital?

In an effort to enhance our Season Ticket Holder experience, the Quakes have moved away from paper tickets and parking hangtags. You can access your season tickets through the Avaya Stadium app or by logging on to your Account Manager via your computer or smartphone. Digital season tickets will provide Season Ticket Holders with the following benefits:

  • Convenient online ticket management to print, forward and sell your tickets
  • Reduces the risk of lost, stolen or forgotten tickets
  • Quick and easy mobile access to Avaya Stadium
  • More eco-friendly

How to add your Digital Tickets/Parking Pass to Apple Wallet

iPhone users only.

  • Once logged into your ticket account, choose the event which you would like to add tickets and/or parking to your Apple Wallet.
  • Hit the ‘view’ icon/eye icon on the specific event to bring up the tickets and barcodes. Swipe right/left to see all your tickets for the event.
  • Scroll below the square barcode and there will be a clickable ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ icon. Repeat this for each ticket as necessary.
  • After a moment, an additional screen will pop up with your seating location and barcode.
  • Press the ‘Add’ button in the top right corner of the screen. Repeat these steps for each ticket as necessary.
  • Once your passes for each game are downloaded they will be listed in chronological order in the Wallet App!