andrew bedard spirit of the game banner

The award is named for Andrew Bedard, a young Earthquakes fan who passed away at eight years old in 2004. The Andrew Bedard Spirit of the Game Award will be presented annually to the Earthquakes player that works hard in the community and best embodies Andrew’s positive attitude both on and off the field. For more information on the Andrew Bedard Spirit of the Game Award, click here.

Andrew Bedard Spirit of the Game Award Winners

2008: Joe Cannon

2009: Shea Salinas

2010: Jason Hernandez

2011: Chris Wondolowski

2012: Shea Salinas

2013: Justin Morrow

2014: Shea Salinas

2015: Shea Salinas

2016: Shea Salinas

2017: Tommy Thompson

2018: Matt Bersano

2019: Tommy Thompson

2020: Chris Wondolowski

2021: JT Marcinkowski

2022: Shea Salinas

2023: JT Marcinkowski