FRONT LINE: UPS mechanic reflects on his new work life

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It’s not every day we get to speak to an essential worker to see what it’s really like on the front line. We sat down with UPS automotive technician Sam Gonzales to learn more about how COVID-19 has affected his daily work life. 

SJEarthquakes.com: Tell us about what you do for work.

Sam Gonzales: “I maintain UPS package trucks by performing regular maintenance and inspections.”

SJEQ: What kind of restrictions has COVID-19 put on your job?

SG: “I haven’t experienced that many work restrictions due to COVID-19, however I am required to take additional safety precautions such as; wear a mask at all times, wash my hands, and maintain social distancing.”

SJEQ: What is your day-to-day look like at work during these times?

SG: “During this time, I’ve experienced an unexpected surge in work as a result of the increase in online ordering, it’s very similar to our peak season during the holidays.”

SJEQ: Have your coworkers been affected any differently at work?

SG: “The package delivery drivers definitely have been affected differently than I have. Before the outbreak, our drivers had to interact with numerous customers face-to-face but now are forced to drop off packages without having that social interaction with customers that they are used to.”

SJEQ: What has been the most challenging aspect of working under these new conditions? What have been the positives for you?

SG: “The most challenging aspect of working under these new conditions is that I have to acknowledge that my work is essential for the supply chain and that comes with the sacrifice of putting myself at risk for getting exposed to the virus. As far as positives go, I have pride in knowing that I’m able to help during this difficult time. In addition, I am happy to have job security during a time where many people aren’t as fortunate.”