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Joe Intro

•What’s the story of how you became a Quakes fan?

Joe- I was working for Fox Sports Bay Area and the team needed some help getting Buck Shaw Stadium upgraded to an acceptable venue for televising the matches. It was the same time frame that my kids were getting into soccer, and it all came together at once. It became a family affair, both for my family and my relationship with the folks I worked with on the team. I ended up coordinating group trips with Mark Raney for the Dublin United Soccer League that were always successful, as we tried to get the word out about how fun it is to be a Quakes fan.

• What’s your favorite Quakes memory?

Joe- Hands down, the Classico at Stanford when Marvin broke Galaxy defender AJ DeLa Garza, laughed at him as he fell to the ground, then crossed the ball to Shea, then to Sam Cronin, and finished by Alan Gordon. Magical!!! I can watch that highlight of Marvin smiling a thousand times and it won’t get old.

• What does receiving the Devotion Scarf mean to you?

Joe- It is an extremely proud moment for me, and one of the tops of my career in sports television. My devotion to the club is genuine and has provided me with so many shared experiences that I treasure. These experiences are on a professional level, but also within my family.

• Who is your favorite Quakes player of all time and why?

Joe- While Ike Opara is a person I am honored to call a friend, Muma, Victor Bernardez played with a visible passion that consistently proved to me he was the ultimate teammate. When he hustled down the field at the end of the game with Minnesota to be the first to the ball that Marco Urena eventually tapped in to send the team to the playoffs in extra time of the last game of the 2017 season, that showed me superhuman determination to never say die!

• What would you like to say to all the Quakes fans out there?

Joe- Thanks to the other Quakes fans who help create the atmosphere we have, especially the folks at the Faultline and Union Sismica! The passion for our club doesn’t have to involve disrespecting an opponent or their fans. Spread the word about this team, because when they get things rolling, it sure is a lot of fun to be around!