Sean O'Keefe Intro

•What’s the story of how you became a Quakes fan?

Sean- I have always loved the sport. I remember first playing in 4th grade up in SF with the family not understanding how the game was played. It was when I moved to the South Bay my love for our local club grew. I did attend matches at Spartan but really became a major fan when they returned and established their home at Buckshaw.

• What’s your favorite Quakes memory?

Wow, too many to pick from. Love the STH events like the Event at the bowling alley where you had the opportunity to meet and greet the players. I would have to say though Clasico 2013 to come back from a two goal deficit in stoppage to win in Goonie Fashion. But it was Chavez faking out the Galaxy player so bad he fell and Chavez smiling, then the cross to Salinas, the center to Cronin, who floats a perfect lob to Gordon. ALAN GORDON! ALAN GORDON! GORDON!GORDON GORDON! And the sound of all the fans erupting. An amazing memory.

• What does receiving the Devotion Scarf mean to you?

It's an absolute honor and a privilege to be join the new Devotion Scarf winners and the past winners. Real fans stick with this family. I am choosing to be a fan through all the ups and downs of a season, and stay positive to hopefully influence others to join our great Quakes family.

• Who is your favorite Quakes player of all time and why?

Just One?? Four came to mind immediately. Joe Cannon, Shea Salinas, and Chris Wondolowski are amazing favorites of mine for both their play on the pitch and their positive attitudes off the pitch. BUT I also have to add Dwayne DeRosario because he electrified the crowd when he played.

• What would you like to say to all the Quakes fans out there?

Stand by your team. Support those who are doing what they can - from the players, coaches, and to front office. They're the ones giving their all and we should appreciate them. That's who I'm giving my attention to and why I enjoy being a part of the Quakes family.