Adrienne Arranaga-Bellot – Adrienne Arranaga-Bellot is a born and raised San Jose native whose mission is to give back to her community. With 26 years of banking under her belt, she has shared the message of financial health to those of all ages. Adrienne, along with CEFCU, has been a strong supporter of Pledge 74 and the Quakes to help those in need whether it was school supplies, food or clothing. - How did you become a Quakes fan?

Adrienne Arranaga-Bellot - "The story starts with my cousin Eli. He is a huge Quakes fan and he brought us to our first game in 2011. It was pouring rain but we tailgated in the rain at Santa Clara University. It was a group of 30 of us. We’ve come out to games more and more over the years, but once the Quakes had their own stadium, that was it. It’s just so much fun to be out at games. There’s something about the atmosphere. My 9-year-old daughter loves it. We get our faces painted together. But that’s how it all began; with my cousin."

SJEQ - Since you are such a big Quakes fan, what does this honor from the club really mean to you?

AAB - ""At first, I thought I didn’t deserve it. I thought of my cousin who’s been a Season Ticket Holder since the Quakes played at San Jose State to today. I asked [the Earthquakes' Devotion Scarf committee], “Are you sure?” The moment they saw me tailgating with my family, they thought “She’s devoted. Not because of her job but because of her enjoyment of the game.” There was another time when I was talking to [Quakes Community Director] Rahul and he was doing his auction. He had somewhere to go and I said I would watch his stuff for him. This LAFC fan was bidding on Quakes jerseys and I asked him why he was bidding on them because he’s an LAFC fan. I told him the jerseys should stay at home. I told him that this other gentleman should get them because he wants to donate them to the San Jose History Museum. We ended up getting over $1,000 from this man...

... I still don’t feel like I deserve the scarf though. They said it’s all you’re pushing to do community-wise. They said I'm supporting the team even when I don’t even need to be there. But it’s just fun for me. I love the environment.""

SJEQ - Do you have a favorite Quakes memory?

AAB - "Well definitely the games where we had our kids meet the players. My second favorite would have to be being able to shake hands or high-five the players. It was obviously before the pandemic. I also have this sweet picture with Wondo on the field. He stopped to take the picture with us. Those would have to be my favorite memories."

SJEQ - Is Wondo your favorite player?

AAB - "Yes, he is. So, I’m super sad that he is possibly retiring. I’m hoping he changes his mind. There are others but he just seems so down to Earth. He’s been fun to watch."