Char McCaskey – Char McCaskey and the West Valley men’s soccer team have been long standing supporters of the Quakes Foundation and its programs, helping the club launch and execute partnerships with organizations like the United Farm Workers, UFW Foundation and more. - How did you become a Quakes fan?

Char McCaskey – "I became a Quakes fan after the World Cup was here in 1994 and I decided that I really really loved soccer. I loved watching it. From then on, I started coming to more Quakes games and became a Season Ticket Holder when we came to PayPal Park. Since then, what I really love about it is that it's a wonderful sport to watch and there's such a good community here. I love the work that the Quakes have done with the Quakes Foundation and their outreach to under-served communities. That's my story."

SJEQ - Not a lot of people win this award. What does receiving this honor mean to you?

CM - "It's very overwhelming. It means being a small piece of a community that reaches out to an even bigger community. Since soccer reaches out to people of all levels, all colors and all nationalities, I think that it is really really important. To just be a part of this is overwhelming."

SJEQ - Now you've been a fan for quite a bit of time, do you have a favorite Quakes memory?

CM - ""On match days we come early and watch the warmups with my husband. I tell him, "This is date night." It's a perfect date night, the food doesn't cost much and we both love to watch the games. The excitement, the passion, the commitment and to be around wonderful people is amazing. Everyone I've met that's a part of the organization is a good person and I love that about an organization. You know, it says a lot.""

SJEQ - Do you have a favorite Quakes player?

CM - "Not really. I like them all. I love the team, the players, the people that usher us into our seats, our Account Service team and just everyone who is a part of the organization. I like everything about the Quakes."