Devotion Scarf - Dorene Bolanos - 2018

You're officially a Quakes Devotion Scarf recipient! Explain what it means to you to get this honor.

For me, it's truly an honor to be recognized for my work as the Quakes security guard. To be recognized for the Devotion Scarf is incredible! I take pride in working for the Quakes, my security company (Contempory Servives Corporation), and our fans. To be recognized for my work is truly an honor and I will wear my Devotion Scarf with pride!

Talk to us about your Quakes fandom. How long have you been cheering on the black & blue? What is your most memorable moment?

I was first introduced to the Quakes in 2001 by my sons. I was their comp soccer coach and we organized a team trip to watch the Quakes at Spartan Stadium. From that moment on I cheered for the black & blue. To watch Landon Donovan, Troy Dayak, and our very own Joe Cannon win the MLS Cup that year was a moment in time I will never forget.

Who is your favorite Quakes player and why?

I don't really have just one favorite. They are all my favorites! I have gotten to know each one through the years here at Avaya and Buck Shaw Stadium. I do have a lot of special individual player memories that I hold dear to my heart. I've seen players get married and have children. I love it when on game day they arrive with their children and walk hand-in-hand down the player breezeway. I've also gotten to know the young players parents. Seeing the pride in their eyes is amazing.

What would be your message to Quakes fans out there?

I just want to say how much I appreciate them and the incredible passion and devotion they have for our Quakes. Last year's campaign "Forward As One" has been a favorite of mine. I like to think we are moving forward as one family, we are San Jose and we are the QUAKES!