Ewell Sterner – Ewell Sterner founded Hunger at Home in 2008 in San Diego and reactivated the nonprofit in 2015 after moving to San Jose. Since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Hunger at Home has supported the local community in tremendous ways. From sustainably repurposing food from PayPal Park and other facilities, to serving millions of pounds of food to our most vulnerable neighbors, Hunger at Home has continued their mantra of ‘people helping people’ through regular food distributions at PayPal Park. - How did you become a Quakes fan?

Ewell Sterner - "I've been affiliated with the club for several years. I met the Quakes' Community Director  and we worked together on projects from distribution, specialty drives and donations from Spectra before the pandemic."

SJEQ - This honor goes out to people who have done outstanding work for the club and you fit that category really well. What does this honor mean to you? 

ES - "I'm humbled. It’s a huge honor just to be recognized out of the many non-profits who are doing great work in San Jose. With our partnership, since March 19th, we’ve been able to produce and distribute 7.4 million meals for the community."

SJEQ - Has the team been able to come out to Quakes games? Is everyone a Quakes fan? Are you?

ES - "Goonies never say die. We’ve been fortunate enough to have out volunteers out at Quakes games on special evenings when the team invited the non-profits."

SJEQ - You mentioned Goonies never say die so how long have you been a Quakes fan?

ES - "Last year, Hunger at Home received an MVP recognition from the Quakes and I did a zoom presentation for the club. From then on, I did a research on the team and that's when I learned about what the motto Goonies Never Die means to the club."

SJEQ - What do you like the most about what you do for Hunger at Home?

ES - "People helping people. Everyday, I get to be on the front lines helping those who are in need. We don’t ask your nationality, your financial status, your residency eligibility; we help all that are in need. That makes us unique to many."

SJEQ - What kind of events have you been proud of this year? Or things that you’re looking forward to this year?

ES - "That’s a loaded question. We do distributions every week. We do holiday events. We do specialty events. We support over 36 non-profit organizations. We just did an event on Saturday that was located in the Earthquakes parking lot. We raised $320,000. Not bad for a couple of hours, eh?"