Gordon Lew and Wendy Louie – Gordon Lew and Wendy Louie have been with the Quakes since 2008 as blue crew volunteers. The husband-and-wife team have continued being an integral part of the guest experience, assisting with everything and anything customer service oriented on game days since PayPal Park opened in 2015.

SJEarthquakes.com - What’s the story of how you became a Quakes fan?

Wendy Louie - "It all started at my daughter’s elementary school. The Earthquakes promoted soccer at her private school in 1998 and we started liking the team and because I needed to find things for her to do, I decided to sign her up for Cal Soccer. So at Cal Soccer, they encouraged us to go to a Quakes game and that's how we got acclimated."

Gordon Lew - "I became a fan mostly due to Bryan Jarvis. He was instrumental into getting us into working for the Quakes organization so we started handing out programs at the Earthquakes games in Spartan Stadium and from then on it was just the love of soccer that kept us here."

SJEQ - What does receiving the Devotion Scarf mean to you?

WL: "We feel humble. We learned to appreciate soccer more with the Earthquakes."

GL: "It’s a great honor. I really don’t know how to explain it. I'm overwhelmed by the honor because we really didn’t expect anything like this."

SJEQ - What’s your favorite Quakes memory?

WL - "Probably when my daughter became a ball kid. She was so excited to be there it was crazy. That was the moment for me; just seeing her on the field."

GL - ""For me it had to be Dwayne De Rosario's free kick against the LA Galaxy. I remember that it was the year that the Earthquakes arranged for a charter bus and brought all of us down to Carson for the LA Galaxy game. We got to watch the Quakes defeat the LA Galaxy and it was Dwayne De Rosario who had a free kick outside of the penalty area and he just curved it around and into the net. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen and even the commentators were like, “that was a laser shot.” It was something to watch. I have never seen anything like that again.""

SJEQ - Who is your favorite Quakes player of all time and why?

GL - ""There’s so many. I can admit I’m partial to the cowboy, Troy Dayak. He’s always very nice. Plus, I have a couple cars so one day he calls me and he was like, “Gordon my car won’t start.” So I’m like, “bring it down here.” It was an old car. It’s a fiberglass car. A rambler. It’s an old, old, old car. It’s also hard when there’s so many great Quakes players over the years. I don’t think there’s really any favorite for me. Landon Donavan was great in his day. Chris Wondolowski was great in his day. Dwayne DeRosario and Jeff Agoos.""

WL - "They’re all good. I mean they’re all outstanding."