Jeff and Jacquie - Devotion Scarf

You’re officially a Quakes Devotion Scarf recipient! Explain what it means to you to get this honor? 

We are truly honored to receive this scarf. We are first and foremost fans of the Earthquakes and just being able to attend the games and work for the team has always been enough for us. This is something that we never expected and we are grateful to be counted among the loyal supporters of the black and blue. Soccer is in our blood and the Earthquakes our family. 

Talk to us about your Quakes fandom. How long have you been cheering on the black & blue? What is your most memorable moment?

We have been fans since the first season of the Clash. If you look on the opening day poster you can see our faces in the crowd on either side of the “A”. Our good friend who was a fan of Italy and Juventus told us that the team was coming and we were in from the beginning. 

Jacquie started interning for the media relations team when she was at San Jose State. She even got to wear the Jose Clash costume for an event. Part of her duties included helping with stats during the game. We were dating at that point…and we figured if I was going to be coming to the games anyway, I should help out. We’ve been with the team ever since.

For us our most memorable moment with the Earthquakes was going to the MLS Cup in Columbus in 2001. It was right after 9/11 and we had made our travel arrangements last minute which put us on the questions and search list for every stop. We had stops in Salt Lake City, Atlanta and Cleveland. The whole process took us about 12 hours. At the game we met a group of Chicago Fire fans that had made the trip to cheer against the Galaxy. When we went down on the goal from Hernandez the Chicago group helped rally the San Jose fans to keep on going. When Dwayne De Rosario scored that winning goal it was pure joy. Turned out the 12 hours was well worth it. We will never forget that trip.  

For us this organization and the fans are our family. No matter what is happening on the field we really appreciate all of the fans and the staff we have worked with for over 20 years. We couldn’t imagine our lives not being involved with the ‘Quakes.

Who is your favorite Quakes player and why?

We have had so many over the years. Jacquie was a huge Tim Martin fan back in the Clash days and John Doyle was Jeff’s.

In the current roster Jeff loves Florian Jungwirth for his enthusiasm and the fact that he never quits. It is doesn’t hurt that he is an amazing defender.

Jacquie is a Wondo fan. She respects his never quit attitude and his leadership on the field. His ability to find the right spot to score goals is uncanny and the fact that he when he scores he is ready to go right back to work to score another makes him special.

* What would be your message to Quakes fans out there?*

We have the best fans, the best staff and the best team. It is these people and the organization that keeps us coming back year after year. No matter how the team is doing on the field, we will always support the black and blue. We feel lucky to be part of this family and that includes all of the fans. We will be at the games for the next 20 years and beyond. We expect to see you all there as well. Go ’Quakes!