Juan - Devotion Scarf - Quakes

You’re officially a Quakes Devotion Scarf recipient! Explain what it means to you to get this honor?

"It feels good because people notice how much time we devote to the team. It's an honor to receive something from a professional team."

Talk to us about your Quakes fandom. How long have you been cheering on the black & blue? What is your most memorable moment?

"I've been with the Earthquakes since 1982. From there, they went to the Blackhawks. From the Blackhawks, they went to the Clash. From the Clash, they went back to the Quakes. I met so many players and coaches during those years. The team I most remember is the Clash teams with Missael Espinoza. He used to draw so many people. The team was so powerful. I met George Best and Johnny Moore when they were players. I met John Doyle when he was a part and Troy Dayak. So many big names."

Who is your favorite Quakes player and why?

"Well, maybe a lot of people would disagree, but I would say Landon Donovan. Donovan and Ronald Cerritos. Both of them were such great players."

What would be your message to Quakes fans out there?

"Never give up! Always move forward. Never give up the dream to be champions again."