Sean Boyles – Sean Boyles has been an Earthquakes fan since the 1990’s while the team was still playing as the Clash. A local artist and owner of the Arsenal Art Store, Sean has worked on several major art projects for the club, most notably the new “2001 Champions” mural unveiled in October. - What’s the story of how you became a Quakes fan?

Sean Boyles - "I first went to an Earthquakes game when I was really small; when it was the Clash, not the Earthquakes. Over there at the Spartan Stadium. That’s probably the first time I became aware of the team. When MLS began, I went to some games during that season and then when they came back to San Jose after the team went to Houston, I started going again. I haven’t gone as much as I did earlier on, but now that I’m older, I've been able to do work for the Quakes and that’s been fun. It's awesome making art based on the team."

SJEQ - What’s your favorite Quakes memory?

SB - "Well since I just painted the mural of the 2001 championship team, I’ve gone back and rewatched a lot of the clips from that season so my favorite moment is Dwayne De Rosario's goal to win it. That’s probably one of my favorite ones.

Since I’ve done art for other things outside of the Earthquakes organization, it’s always really fun and easy going here. Some clients are difficult, but that’s never the experience when I do art with the Earthquakes. It’s always an enjoyable experience with everyone in the organization."

SJEQ - Who is your favorite Quakes player of all time and why?

SB - "Currently Wondo. Just because of his career, how good he’s been for so long, how much he has given to San Jose and to Quakes fans. But going back to that 2001 team, I would say DeRo. Not just because of his goal in the championship but his freekick goal against the Galaxy was awesome."