Sean Mearns – Sean Mearns has worked for the San Jose Earthquakes in a full-time capacity since August of 2012, beginning as Team Administrator, Coordinator and rising to his current title of Manager of Team Administration. In his role, Mearns oversees road trips, including flights and accommodations for the team, as well as other responsibilities such as pursuing U.S. Green Cards for international players, overseeing the daily operations of the team, and planning out preseason. In 2020, Mearns orchestrated the largest road trip in team history, with the club remaining in a bubble in Orlando for 40 days to compete in the MLS is Back Tournament. - When did you start with the Quakes?

Sean Mearns - "I started in either January or February of 2012 as the soccer operations intern."

SJEQ - What do you do now?

SM - "Now I basically deal with all the team logistics. One of the big things I deal with is road trips so I deal with the charter companies, hotels, buses and everything that goes into a team road trip. I’m in charge of planning out preseason. I oversee the immigration, along with Ricky Dorrego. Just all the day-to-day operations that go into the team."

SJEQ - How hard is it to juggle everything you do?

SM - "It’s difficult just because at times you can feel like you’re almost like an executive assistant for 45 people, that being the players and coaches. Then on top of that, we have all the team logistics and road trips. For example, during the last couple of weeks we’ve had a game every Saturday or Wednesday so there’s been no days off. So, you’re just in at work every day for like a month straight. It does get tiring, but overall, it’s really fun. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world."

SJEQ - Do you ever get tired?

SM - "Yes, I get tired a lot. Last week we had a double road trip game so we left on Tuesday, got home on Wednesday at like 3 a.m. and then had to leave for Salt Lake on Thursday afternoon. I got home around 3 a.m., did some laundry, went to sleep for like four hours, got up, packed, came into work and left to Salt Lake. lt’s pretty hectic, but like I’ve said, it’s really fun."

SJEQ - What’s your favorite quakes memory on and off the field?

SM - "I think my favorite on-the-field moment would probably be when Marco Ureña scored against Minnesota to take us to the playoffs. It was probably one of my favorite moments here. Besides that, the best feeling in the world to me is when we win on the road. It’s just such a special feeling. You win and when everyone’s in the locker room, on the bus and on the flight, everyone’s just in a great mood. It makes everything worthwhile. Not just to win but a win on the road just feels incredible. It just makes you feel like all the work you put in is worth it. All the joy comes out."

SJEQ - What's it like working with the players?

SM - "They’re all great. They’re all really easy to work with which has been nice. The coaches are awesome to work with too because they’re also easy to work with. It actually does feel like a big family. It’s been great. The guys all treat me and Ricky really well. That’s something I really like about this coaching staff. They’re very understanding to just fix the problems."