Tony Swan – Tony Swan joined the Quakes after the team’s return in 2008 during the Buck Shaw Stadium era. Since then, he has been a staple in the control room on game days as the club’s lead audio technician and DJ. Operating the soundboard on game days, Tony is a rock in the control room and a huge part of the team’s in-stadium presentation. - When did you start working for the Quakes?

Tony Swan - "If I recall correctly, in 2012. The team went to the MLS Playoffs that year at Buck Shaw Stadium and my first day of work was the last game of the regular season."

SJEQ - For those who don't know, what is it that you do for the club on match days?

TS - "On match days, I am the audio engineer or some people call it the Board Operator. Whatever you hear in the stadium is what I am working on. So National Anthem, stadium music, videos and anything else you hear while you're sitting in the stadium is what I am dealing with."

SJEQ - Your job seems under-appreciated because your role is so important. Is there anything about your job that people may not know is difficult?

TS - "Just the amount of coordination. There's so many people doing the show that you guys see while you're watching the game, whether that's the stuff on the video board or the music going on through the speakers. The amount of people that have to be on the same page here is pretty amazing."

SJEQ - You've been in the booth for quite a while, have you had a favorite Quakes moment whether that was here or on TV?

TS - "Yeah. All the California Clasicos. They're always pretty good. Watching Wondo do his thing is pretty great. Seeing him destroy teams at this stadium. Just him being the face of the club is pretty amazing. It's historic. It's something I know San Jose and the fans don't take for granted and it's really cool to see."

SJEQ - Is Wondo your favorite player?

TS - "Oh yeah. Landon Donovan too, totally. I have to put him in there too because, you know, because of the history of the club. I was born in San Jose so I've been around for quite a long time."

SJEQ - Do you have a favorite part of the job when you're working here?

TS - "Yeah man. Just being able to watch the game and being able to see people react to what's happening. Even if I see one person bobbing their heard to a song, then I know I did my job. People reacting to the game is really cool."

SJEQ - So we don't give out this scarf to just anyone. Only people who go above and beyond for us and you've done such great work for us. What does receiving this honor from the club mean to you?

TS - "I didn't really think this would ever happen but I guess it is cool that it's happening in my 10th season and being able to share it with the people I work with is something that is really cool to me. So this award is dedicated to all the people I work with."