Will Pineda – Will Pineda has been a Quakes Season Ticket Holder and Group Leader since the 2014 season. His San Jose restaurant, Maya’s Café, has consistently brought delight to the players and front office of the Quakes and has been an impactful community hub, most recently regarding relief efforts for Honduras after 2020’s Hurricane Eta. - What’s the story of how you became a Quakes fan?

Will Pineda - "I remember when the Quakes signed Honduran players, it was Marvin Chavez and Walter Martinez and that year we became huge fans of the team. Since then, we’ve been at games every single year. I can’t remember the exact year we became fans but I remember that those days were amazing. We had good memories of that." 

SJEQ - What’s your favorite Quakes memory?

WP - "Not sure about the year but the entire team was amazing at the time. I remember when we went with some friends over the weekend. We had good memories. We had Lenhart, Gordon, Baca, it was an amazing team and we really enjoyed those weekends. We miss them." 

SJEQ - What does receiving the Devotion Scarf mean to you?

WP - "It means a lot. It means that we are really appreciated there. It means that it’s an honor. It’s an honor being a fan. We’re so excited to receive that honor."

SJEQ -Who is your favorite Quakes player of all time and why?

WP - "Shea Salinas to be honest. I respect him. I’ve never had the opportunity to meet him. I respect him because I know he’s a professional. He's always respectful and then he’s always giving a 100 percent or more when he’s on the field and I respect that. I think that means a lot to the fans because in life, it’s the same thing. In life, you give. No matter what you do or no matter where you go, you need to give 100 percent or more to be successful. To me he's an inspiration. Shea Salinas."

SJEQ - What would you like to say to all the Quakes fans out there?

WP - "Well, thank you. Thank you for supporting the team and to keep doing what we’re doing right now. To be patient and know we’re on the right path to success."