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With the continuation of the 2020 MLS regular season without fans in attendance at Earthquakes Stadium, the San Jose Earthquakes are accepting fan-made banners that will be hung in sections 117-118 during upcoming home matches. This unique experience will allow fans to see their artwork displayed during an official game and connect with the team by showing their support.

Qualifying banners must meet the following guidelines:

  • Sizes must be 4 feet tall and between 3 feet and 10 feet long
  • Cloth or canvas material is recommended
  • No political messages allowed
  • No obscene text or images allowed
  • No group or corporate logos allowed (Quakes logos are OK)

Banners should be sent to:

Earthquakes Stadium

1123 Coleman Ave.

San Jose, CA 95110

Banners must be delivered at least two days prior to the next scheduled home match.

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