CaliSCG - Quakes FIFA Tournament

On March 30, San Jose Earthquakes eMLS player Alan Ortega [CaliSCG] will compete in the 2019 eMLS Cup, a FIFA 19 Ultimate Team competition that features players from 22 MLS clubs. We sat down with CaliSCG ahead of the competition to chat about all things eMLS. It’s your second year with the team. What have you learned so far about competing in eMLS?

CaliSCG: “Coming from the last two events, I feel pretty confident that I’m at least consistent and I know what I have to work on. I think my main focus is knowing what I need to work on in the future so I know how to perform consistently.”

SJEQ: Who has your biggest rival been in eMLS?

CaliSCG: “That’s a tough one. I think my biggest rival in the Western conference would have to be AlanAvi [of FC Dallas]. In the first event, he beat me and in the second event, I beat him and each game was always so close. I think we traded back and forth pretty well.”

SJEQ: What are the differences between other FIFA competitions and eMLS?

CaliSCG: “I would definitely say the biggest difference is the fact that your opponent is right across from you. It definitely plays a mental game because you hear them celebrating. For the most part, it’s pretty much the same, but then again it’s that environment that you’re in. You’re in the room with everyone else who is competing and you feed off the intensity. It’s hard not to get intense but you just kind of do.”

SJEQ: What kind of restrictions do eMLS players have on building their squads for the competition?

CaliSCG: “You’re not allowed icons. No icons, no legends. You can’t have any of those. You need three MLS players. Two of those MLS players need to be from the team that you’re representing and then the other one can be from any other MLS team. I’m using Nick Lima at right back and my CDM is Florian Jungwirth. I use those two players from the Quakes and for this series, my third MLS player is [LA Galaxy’s Romain] Alessandrini. I use his new purple card.”

SJEQ: Why should people tune in to your stream?

CaliSCG: “Whether it’s my stream or another stream, Twitch is a great place if you just want to learn about FIFA in general. You can learn how to get better, how to make more coins and how to get help with your squad. In general, I think it’s a place that’s really welcoming; somewhere you can just hang out or get your mind off things. I think it’s a great place to enjoy some good vibes because I know there are a lot of people from across the world who are in my streams and we usually have good conversations.”

To tune into CaliSCG’s stream on Twitch

The 2019 eMLS Cup presented by PlayStation

The premier eMLS event of the year, is slated to take place on March 30. After last year's tournament, which took place during the convention, this year's edition will feature a new PAX After Hours format, with the games set to take place at The Castle at Park Plaza in Boston following the conclusion of the day's activities at PAX East. For PAX East badge holders, free shuttles will run continuously from PAX East to The Castle from 5:30-7 pm.

How to watch and follow eMLS Cup 2019

Attend eMLS Cup

The event is open to the public and those in attendance will be able to be a part of the live EA Sports FIFA 19 event and see the eMLS Cup champion crowned, collect their very own eMLS merchandise, creative personalized FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) cards, play FIFA 19 at open-play stations and enjoy a variety of refreshments. Doors open at 6 pm ET.