Jackson Yueill

Q&A: Jackson Yueill on the return of soccer, MLS Is Back tournament in Orlando

2020 - Jackson Yueill - Week 1

On training:
“It was amazing. It was difficult to see everyone smile because we were all wearing masks, but it was fun to be around the group. Being able to train out on the field in the sunshine was very positive. It felt really good to be out there. It felt like home again.”

On the training setup:
“Everything was prepared amazingly, beginning with the support staff that made sure we were as safe as possible. The field was already set nicely. The way our coaches wanted to attack individual training was perfect.”

On feeling safe:
“The last three months have been very hectic, especially for the athletic trainers. They’ve put in a lot of hours to make sure that we could come back and train safely, constantly messaging us and keeping us informed. Everything has been running smoothly. They definitely deserve an applause.”

On the Orlando tournament:
“We’re super excited to be a team again and compete with each other and compete in this tournament. It’s a good way for us to get some points back for the season and a good way to win a trophy and Champions League qualification. I know everyone has put in a lot of work over the past three months outside and in their garages and living rooms, so I can speak for everyone when I say we’re excited to play again.”

On playing in a short-form tournament:
“It’s difficult because it’s not like a long season. If you lose a game in the early round, it can be hard to advance, and if you lose later on, you’re out. Each game is more important. I think with the long break, it presents an opportunity for fit teams to show their stuff and I believe we’re one of the most fit teams in the league.”

On if he’ll watch tomorrow’s draw:
“Definitely. We’re excited to play anyone but I’ll definitely be paying attention. We’re not thinking about the whole season right now, we’re just focused on these three games and then the next round and so on.”