Chad Barrett - Shea Salinas - Celebration - 061816


On the match:
“It was in the back of our minds that the city of Orlando has had a really tough week. Not normally do you play in a city experiencing such a tragedy. I think that Adrian [Heath] and his team had a bigger sense of pride than normal when they stepped on the field tonight. Cyle Larin has played so well for them and they play so well at home. You have to give Orlando credit they came out and pressured us.”
On getting the draw:
“We haven’t scored for a while. It’s been a while since we hit the net and we’ve had our chances. It’s been a frustrating time. I don’t think one’s more important than the other (getting the draw or scoring goals again). Obviously to win games, you have to score goals and that’s one of the things we spoke about before the game, was let’s be good defensively, let’s get some goals if we can. I think the most important thing was to get the draw. If we walk out of here 2-1 down, losing on that goal, I think that was in the 92nd minute, so to get that tying goal, you walk off the field exhausted, but satisfied. Thank you everybody and good luck to the people of Orlando.”


On his performance:
“I scored a goal so personally for me it was a huge feat. As a team, it’s rough not scoring three games in a row. You get chances, chances, and chances, they’re few and far between. But still and to get some of the guys back, it brought a lot of energy back to our team. We fought like dogs to get something out of this game and we could have packed it up after 2-1, but you know we didn’t do it, and for them to do all the fighting that’s what this job is, it’s to come in and make an.”
On the game-tying goal:
“I was just kind of wondering because you had the goal kicked before that, and you’re waiting for the referee to blow his whistle. They kept giving us a chance and with turf, you never really know where the ball is going to end up. It’s not the way we drew it up, but we’ll take it.”
On the atmosphere:
“It kind of felt like watching the Super Bowl after [Hurricane] Katrina. You wish them the world because of what happened and to take that away from them, it’s probably not what the fans wanted to see, but it was needed for us. They fought like dogs, they’re a good team, and they’ll win other games.”