Training Report: April 5, 2016


The mercury hit 75 and the Quakes hit the training ground turf for their first day back at the office following the dramatic 1-1 draw with DC United.
With the focus now on this weekend’s trip to FC Dallas we witnessed a battle of the big men, some banter involving goalkeepers coach Tim Hanley and caught up with Saturday's goal hero Adam Jahn.

Highlight on the field

Victor Bernardez was put in on goal during a three versus two drill and pulled the trigger as only the big Honduran can. Rookie keeper Andrew Tarbell, however, somehow managed to block the big man’s fearsome effort with his legs to register one for the goalkeepers’ union.

Training Report: April 5, 2016 -

Highlight off the field

Rather than toss a coin to see who started with the ball in a practice match, coach Dominic Kinnear asked opposition goalkeepers Bryan Meredith and Andrew Tarbell to take a guess at coach Tim Hanley’s age. Meredith went first, going for 51. Tarbell, however, won the day by guessing 52 (Hanley is 56). “I was trying to be nice, Tim,” said the defeated Meredith.

Training Report: April 5, 2016 -

Q & A with Adam Jahn

Did you know your equalizer against DC was a goal when it left your boot?
Yes. It was one of those instinct things. It just happened. Sometimes thinking gets in the way. I’d been visualizing it.
What was behind the lack of a celebration?
I had gone over it before the game, what I was going to do if I scored. I thought I would just turn around and wait for my teammates and that’s what happened. It seemed like a cool thing to do. Luckily I’ve been lifting so Victor (Bernardez) wasn’t that heavy when he jumped on me.
Did going on loan to Sacramento Republic and playing 90 up there help?
Absolutely. It’s a good level over there. Getting a full game was great. Those aren’t guaranteed - so every one you can play is a good opportunity. You can train all you want, but nothing can get you ready for games like games.
Was it important to show what you can do following the arrival of new attacking talent in the offseason?
I think the subs have been good so far this year. They have been reliable. It’s good for Dominic (Kinnear) to know he can rely on all of us. We’re all shooting for the same goal.
Does scoring give you a spring in your step in training?
Definitely. You’re always a it more excited and buzzing. Hopefully I can make that the new norm and keep building.
What’s your favorite part of training?
Finishing. Scoring goals.
Do you have any sympathy for the goalkeepers having to face dozens of shots?
I look at it as I am giving an opportunity for them to save a goal from me. They should be grateful.