Earthquakes Stadium

WATCH: Maintaining Avaya Stadium with manager of facility operations Raul Bueno

Raul Bueno

Raul Bueno ha sido parte de los San Jose Earthquakes desde la fundación del club en la MLS en el año 1996. Hoy en día, Bueno es el encargado del mantenimiento del Avaya Stadium y del edificio de los Earthquakes. En este especial, grabado y producido por Telemundo 48, Bueno explica como los Earthquakes mantienen la cancha del Avaya Stadium y la preparan para los partidos.

Raul Bueno has been part of the Earthquakes organization since the club joined MLS in 1996. Today, Bueno is the manager of facility operations, in charge of maintaining Avaya Stadium and the Earthquakes building. In this special, filmed and produced by Telemundo 48, Bueno explains how the Quakes maintain the field at Avaya Stadium and prepare for games.

"We have four people that work with the grass for game day,” said Bueno. "Two on the pitch and two on the outside inspecting. Day to day, we have two people working on the pitch: Ruben and Arturo and their group."

In order to make the grass look sleek, Bueno and his team use a certain kind of machinery.

"We have to cut the field with machines that have rails and a roller, which makes it very flat and smooth to make sure the ball rolls perfectly and quickly.”

Additionally, the type of grass on the field plays a role in how the field is maintained.

"The couch grass, when the players slip or slide, it is very aggressive and the roots rejuviante quickly with the use of fertilizers.”