Corporate Cup Tournament 1
San Jose Earthquakes

Almaden Brit wins 2010 Corporate Cup

Almaden Brit won the First Annual 2010 Corporate Cup Championship on Saturday, defeating rival Cupertino Brit 7-4 in the final on Stanton Field outside of Buck Shaw Stadium.

Teams from Yahoo!, Zynga, Vocera, Cadence, Almaden Brit and Cupertino Brit played a round-robin group stage starting at 9 a.m. By mid afternoon, Almaden Brit B was the last team standing after navigating through its five matches undefeated.


Registration for the 2011 Corporate Cup is available by clicking here. Teams interested in participating should contact Ted Firestone at 408.556.7721 or

Cadence 4, Yahoo! 3
Almaden Brit B 15, Zynga 2
Cupertino Brit A 5, Almaden Brit A 3
Vocera 3, Cupertino Brit B 3
Cadence 1, Cupertino Brit A 3
Almaden Brit B 11, Vocera 2
Yahoo! 1, Almaden Brit A 6
Zynga 3, Cupertino Brit B 3
Cadence 0, Almaden Brit A 6
Almaden Brit B 11, Cupertino Brit B 0
Championship: Almaden Brit B 7, Cupertino Brit A 4

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