Darren Huckerby
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Catching up with Darren Huckerby

Darren Huckerby retired after two seasons with the San Jose Earthquakes, but his name lives on amongst fans. The England-born midfielder scored nine goals in 25 appearances with the Quakes and was named the 2008 MLS Newcomer of the Year before hip surgery cut his career short.

Since leaving San Jose, Huckerby has moved back to England where he is moving up the coaching certificate ladder. He has also launched a charitable organization, the Darren Huckerby Trust. The trust aims to make contributions to local charities, community projects and to individuals living in Norfolk who are in need.

SJEarthquakes.com: What have you been up to since retiring from soccer?
Hucks: Since retiring I have passed my Level 2 FA coaching course and am half way through Level 3. I have also launched my own website - www.dh6.co.uk. What I'm most excited about is the charity I have set up which is called The Darren Huckerby Trust. I see it as my chance to give back to the local community that supported me.

SJEarthquakes.com: Do you still kick the ball around from time to time?
Hucks: I've played in a couple of charity games and I also help with my youngest son's training.

SJEarthquakes.com: How did you feel about England’s World Cup?
Hucks: It was a massive disappointment for the whole country. Players that play on the world's stage week in, week out simply didn't perform. It was a real shame because it could be some of the players' last chance on the world stage.

SJEarthquakes.com: Did you get the chance to meet up with the Quakes on their trip to London last winter?
Hucks: I certainly did! I spent the day with them in London and even managed to catch the Tottenham game. I still have many close friends there and I miss the camaraderie that we shared.

SJEarthquakes.com: Any plans to visit the States in the future?
Hucks: I would love to get over there to watch the Quakes. It's just a matter of finding the time!

SJEarthquakes.com: What do you remember best from your experience playing for the Quakes?
Hucks: I was lucky that the Quakes fans took to me and my style of play straight away. It made living away from home much easier. Also, meeting great people from the Bay Area.

SJEarthquakes.com: Tell Quakes fans a bit about the charity you organized.
Hucks: I set up the Darren Huckerby Trust to hopefully give back to the community that has supported me. Hopefully the charity will be a success so I can help as many people as possible.

SJEarthquakes.com: Anything else you would like to say to your fans in the States?
Hucks: I was very proud to play for the Earthquakes and hope the fans keep supporting the team.


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