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Bloggin with Buschy: Back in the dance

During the final weeks of the regular season, Jon Busch will give fans an insider's look at the San Jose Earthquakes push for the playoffs. Check back each week for an updated version of Bloggin with Buschy!

Well Quakes fans, as you all know by now, we are in the playoffs (mostly due to Wondo).

The playoffs are the first step for any MLS team and what a great feeling it is!

We were on the bus heading back to the hotel when we found out that KC had lost to Seattle. There were three or four players getting updates from different websites.

Oh, and then there were "Big Bobby" Burling's updates, which for some reason were about 15 minutes behind everyone else. (I need to find out what cell phone company he uses and make sure to never, ever use them! Oh hold on a second, he is texting me now…oh, the KC game just ended now and Seattle won. Thanks so much Bobby.)

As we were all sitting there staring at phones, Frank yelled from the front of the bus that it was a final score and we were officially in. What a great feeling to have!

I sat there with a smile on my face watching my teammates. I really enjoyed watching the guys who had been here the past two years during hard times.

It was great to see how excited Jason Hernandez was. He has really stepped up this season as a leader on this team and has done a great job as captain, filling in for Rams.

Next I turned my attention to the coaching staff. They too have taken a lot the past two years, but I can tell you as a new player to San Jose, we have one of the best staffs in the MLS so it was nice to see them all enjoying the moment.

Now saying that, I am not happy with just making it! The goal of every player is to win cups and that is certainly our goal.

We need to continue to work hard as a team and play well during the last three games. Playing consistently is a key heading into the playoffs.

It’s time to bring the good old days back to San Jose, time to add another star to our uniform!
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