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Bloggin with Buschy: Thank you, Mr. Brown

I had the honor of playing with CJ Brown for three years in Chicago.

He recently announced his retirement after 13 years with the Fire. Thirteen years with the same club – wow! That is unheard of in sports today.

It doesn't matter if you’re a Quakes fan, a Fire fan or whatever, as a soccer fan you have to respect CJ as a player.

Now the word legend doesn't roll off my tongue easy when it comes to athletes. I reserve it for the likes of Mark Messier and Michael Jordan. But I will say I have had the privilege of playing alongside four players I truly call legends in the MLS: Brian McBride, Brian Maisonneuve, Chris Armas and now CJ Brown.


For three years I watched CJ carry his work pale to the field every single day. It didn't matter to him whether it was Monday or Saturday night, he gave you the same effort each time.

CJ held the bar high for himself and all of his teammates. He was the type that didn't talk a lot in the locker room but, when he did, everyone listened.

I never once heard him use an excuse for anything. He simply dealt with whatever it was and got on with it. He was a true professional and will be missed!

I can tell you this: His name will fit very nicely in the "Ring of Fire" along with Bob Bradley and Chris Armas. I think we can all agree that when we think back on past Fire teams, CJ is one of the first players that comes to mind.

CJ Brown is truly a Fire Legend. 

So, from me to you Mr. Brown, thank you and best of wishes to you and the family in the future!
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