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Bloggin with Buschy: Wondo the Magnificent

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Well Quakes fans, if you haven't gotten enough about Wondo, don't worry because you are about to get an entire blog's worth.

First he gets his own theme park (Wondoland) and now he's won the Golden Boot. What's next? (MVP?)

The question asked me by our PR department was, 'What makes Wondo such a special player?'

Does he have super powers or something? Well, from what I can see, he isn't Clark Kent, but you never know. Maybe it's those Nike cleats for all I know.

After being around him for an entire season now I think it is down to three things:

1) Work ethic. He is always willing to chase balls down and get into the box (and put on a pink apron if he has to).
2) Extra work. You will always find him staying after training to work on his finishing.
3) Confidence. When you believe in yourself, good things happen.
This may sound simple but I feel these three keys make Wondo the hands-down MVP of the league.

I know there are a lot of great players in the league that have made big contributions to their teams this season, but let's look at the numbers.

Wondo has 18 goals and nine of those are game winners. Nine! Wow! That's 27 points! Where would we be as a team without him (don't answer that)? Wondo's importance to our team is more than any other MVP candidate.

That said, congratulations to the 2010 Budweiser Golden Boot winner. I hope that award comes with a keg for him to celebrate - job well done, Wondo!

I hope he saved some goals for New York!
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