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Wondolowski conquers the Kardashians ... and more

October 24 will forever be remembered in the annals of San Jose Earthquakes history as the day that Chris Wondolowski conquered Keeping up with the Kardashians.

That’s right, Wondolicious > Bootylicious.

For about an hour Sunday night, the phrases “Golden Boot” and “Wondolowski” were trending topics on Twitter for folks in the San Francisco Bay Area, several notches above “kardashians.”


Thus, Wondo becomes the first Quakes player to win both the Budweiser Golden Boot and a popularity contest with Kim Kardashian. Booyah.

Is the MVP award next? At least one Tweeter says yes (See: #JonahFreedman).

Since most of the ballots have been cast, I’ll spare you the boring stat-speak (18 of the Quakes 34 goals, nine game winners, two hat tricks and he’s accounted for San Jose’s last 10 scores…no big deal).

Instead, let’s look at some creative marketing ideas for the Wondoful One. Quakes Marketing Department (aka me and the cubicles in the surrounding area) take note:

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor: Wondofull
Geographically targeted for the San Francisco Bay Area, this concoction would be chockfull of Ghirardelli chocolate and blueberries swimming in a sea of vanilla ice cream. Sounds appetizing to me.

Song: Wondo Days
Find Bruce Springstein and tell him he has a new hit single. Give credit to the Ultras for writing the lyrics: “You are my Wondo, my Wondolowski. You make me happy, when skies are gray. You’ll never know Chris, how much we love you. Please don’t take my Wondo away.”

Children's Book: Where's Wondo?
This is a no brainer. Spinning off the famed Where’s Waldo series, fans can try and located the elusive goal scorer in a crowd. MLS defenders can’t seem to locate Wondo – can you?

TV Sitcom: The Wondo Years
Cast Oliver Hudson as Chris Wondolowski and Megan Fox as Winnie and you have the modern day Wonder Years.

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