Christmas Tree Close up

Convey, Wondo, Ring, Burling holiday wish lists

Santa is making a list. He's checking it twice, trying to find out if Bobby Convey was naughty or nice.

After a 10-assist regular season and two goals to lead San Jose past the New York Red Bulls in the MLS Cup Playoffs, Convey definitely makes the nice list. (The naughty's: Koman Coulibaly and FIFA voters - for shame, fellas.)

In the spirit of the holiday season, Convey, Chris Wondolowski, Bobby Burling and Brad Ring faxed in a copy of their Christmas wish lists before sending them to the North Pole. Read up on their holiday traditions, New Years resolutions and more. (Note: Wondo really does want a pony)

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1. Where will you be celebrating Christmas?

Ring: In Rockford, Ill. with my family.
Convey: I'll be celebrating Christmas at my grandma's house in Charlsteon, South Carolina with the rest of my family.
Burling: Monument, Colo. with my family.
Wondo: With family in Fresno and also in Danville.

2. What three things did you ask Santa for?

Ring: Brown leather watch, coat and a pair of shoes
Convey: iPad, clothes and gift cards
Burling: A white Christmas, a new driver and a partridge in a pear tree
Wondo: An MLS Cup, a pony and a BB Gun

3. Better Christmas song:

Ring: Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Bruce Springstein and Bon Jovi)
Convey: White Christmas (Bing Crosby)
Burling: Anything Bing Crosby / Frank Sinatra / Nat King Cole
Wondo: The Chipmunk Song (Alvin and the Chipmunks)

4. Favorite Christmas Movie:

Ring: Christmas Vacation (HANDS DOWN, no questions asked. Period.)
Convey: Home Alone
Burling: Christmas Vacation, hands down. Clark W. Griswold is my boy.
Wondo: A Christmas Story

5. Real Christmas tree or fake?

Ring: Real
Convey: Real
Burling: REAL.
Wondo: Real

6. Flocked (the fake snow trees) or un-flocked?

Ring: Un-flocked (who gets a flocked tree)
Convey: Un-flocked
Burling: UN-flocked. Who has a snow maker in their house? Maybe Wondo...
Wondo: Flocked (Who doesn't like being flocked?)

7. What’s one Christmas tradition you or your family has?

Ring: Spending Christmas Eve with my extended family at my grandparent's house, putting delicious lingonberries on everything.
Convey: We always make chocolate chip cookies together as a family.
Burling: Watching Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve.
Wondo: A basketball game between all the guys in the family.

8. Best Christmas gift you got as a kid:

Ring: Either my blue Power Wheel, Chicago Bulls Starter jacket or Crossfire.
Convey: A full arcade basketball game
Burling: My first pair of hockey skates.
Wondo: Rollerblades.

9. What’s your New Years resolution?

Ring: Improve my Spanish.
Convey: Be nicer to Frank Stranzl (Quakes Digital Content Manager and author of this article. Bonus points for Bobby!)
Burling: To be determined.
Wondo: Not to lose to the Los Angeles Galaxy 

In case you're still not in the spirit of a black & blue holiday season, take a moment to check this video out and you will be:


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